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do you have cheat days?! it's so hard to eat healthy :(

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I have one cheat meal per week. :) I tried a whole day, it took me a very long time to get my body fat percentage to where it was before my cheat day. You got it! It’s all mental! :)

Anthony, a US Navy Veteran, who resides in Skid Row. We offered him a LoVe bag, and he blessed us with wisdom, knowledge & faith. After receiving his LoVe bag, he actually left and went on with his day. He then came back while we were still setting up & asked if he could lead in prayer. We asked if he would like to join us that morning and he politely said no. A few moments later, Anthony changed his mind and grabbed all the bags he could carry. He joined the mission & offered LoVe bags to those in need with us. He told us that he walks by faith, not by sight. We united & became a family as he protected us & made sure we stuck together on the streets of Skid Row, Los Angeles. 

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