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BRACE FACE x Modern Fit

Hi everyone! Michelle here, AKA Modern Fit. This picture was taken last Friday the 28th of March. As much as I liked this photo, I refused to post it on my Instagram (even though I brightened & filtered it). Why? My teeth.

Thank goodness for flash and the good ol filter! I have been quite a professional at taking pictures at certain angles to avoid seeing the gap on my left side, my alignment is seriously messed up, & my small tooth that looks like I’m missing a tooth in my photos. I’m confessing on my blog that my teeth has been my biggest insecurity. I am my own worst critic. 

Now, why didn’t I get braces when I was younger if I hated them so much? Well, my mom thought I never needed them. I’ve been doing well without braces for almost 25 years now, but I cannot stand my teeth. I got a new job and was now eligible for benefits. I am so lucky that my company is able to pay a good amount for them, but the rest I will be doing installments. 

I got my braces 4/1/2014. I’m on my second day & thought it would be a great idea to share my journey of a twenty something year old with braces. Right now, I am in so much pain. Which reminds me that I have to take my pain killers pretty soon lol. 

Now, here’s the thing: I have a photo shoot coming up on Friday & I’m even more insecure cause it’s with other people this time! :( I already told them my current situation, and they were fine about it. Because I have my braces, I feel depressed because I’m in pain & unable to work out. I’m going through an emotional roller coaster! I’m trying to remain positive, and come in with that Beyonce - Partition attitude killin it! Braces cannot stop me from living my dreams. 

Get on with the picture of the braces!

Here I am! I was really debating on lingual braces (braces behind your teeth) & ceramic braces. I obviously chose ceramic braces because the results would be more definite. Less cheaper than Lingual & Invisalign (wasn’t qualified) but costs more than traditional braces. Ceramic braces are clear so you can only see the wire really from far away and in photos you can hardly tell (I tested it haha) only up close. I went to work and some people barely noticed it till I pointed it out! Thank goodness for advance technology by creating clear braces. haha

So, here it is! Day 2 of my journey with BRACES! If you have guys have any questions or tips, then feel free to ask !

*Remain confident. Stay true to yourself. SMILE!

Giving is Far More Humbling Than Receiving. Do What You Can For Others. Even the Smallest Act Can Make a Huge Difference

Today, I had a heartwarming moment as I was getting a car wash. First off, I felt so sorry for my car since I hardly ever wash her. lol Anyways, the man drying my car and cleaning her to the detail had a sad look on his face…the whole time! He took a while on my car, but I didn’t mind it. I always value great service. So, when I receive it, I make sure they get tipped well. Now, I contemplated how I should give the whole time I watched this man. $3? $5? $10?! I thought to myself that I am so blessed to have a job that I can live comfortably, why not spread the blessing onto others? As this man honked my horn to let me know my car is ready, I walked up gave him my pass & his tip. He didn’t look at it right away & with his tired eyes, he just politely said “thank you, Ma’am”. I got in my car as he moved onto the next car. I saw him seeing his tip behind me as I drove away, He did the sign of the cross and had a small smile. 

That truly touched my heart to see that I made a difference in someone’s day. Now, I’m not here trying to build my “character” saying I’m a good person because I have my faults. However, I am merely trying to spread good faith and humanity in others to do what you can. A little goes a long way :)